First picking of the season

November 26, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

Monday started the new picking season.  The first picking is always a small one as the plants start to ripen. About 10 pickers covered the patch in less than a day and got almost 300 lbs. Within a month or so it will really start ripening.

Coffee Care Update

July 09, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

Here are a few pictures of the activity in the field the last few days. The main needs in the soil right now are Nitrogen and Potassium.  Your favorite coffee beans are developing.  It will be another 5 or 6 months until it is ready to be picked. 

Fresh coffee coming up!

July 04, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

After some busy days of preparation, yesterday we dropped off another shipment of freshly roasted coffee at the cargo terminal of the San Pedro Sula airport to fly out today.  We should be able to pick it up in Philadelphia next week after it clears customs and FDA inspection.

Rainy season has arrived!

June 09, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

Thank the Lord the rains have come!  After nearly two months with very little rain, we've now had a number of gentle showers throughout the last week and a few good soaking rains. The coffee is also giving another good bloom.

Coffee bloom

May 22, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

Just last week the coffee bloomed again.  I expect it to be one of the last big blooms of the season, unless because of a dry weather delay we see another late bloom.  While arabica coffee is self-pollinating, insects can also help the pollination, and this is one happy bee.    We are nearing the end of the dry season, and dry it is.  There are a few farms in the area with minimal topsoil that the coffee leaves are curling up and drying off, but most of the farms are making out fine. Coffee is fairly hardy.  We've only...