Coffee bloom

May 22, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

Coffee plant in full bloomJust last week the coffee bloomed again.  I expect it to be one of the last big blooms of the season, unless because of a dry weather delay we Bee on coffee bloomsee another late bloom.  While arabica coffee is self-pollinating, insects can also help the pollination, and this is one happy bee. 


We are nearing the end of the dry season, and dry it is.  There are a few farms in the area with minimal topsoil that the coffee leaves are curling up and drying off, but most of the farms are making out fine. Coffee is fairly hardy.  We've only received about a tenth inch of rain since early April.  And since our latitude is approximately 15°N, the sun is actually passing overhead to the north of us for the last month or so, but still almost directly overhead at noon.

But yesterday the storm clouds rolled through, although without rain, and today as I write this they are building up again and rumbling. 


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