2021-2022 Harvest has begun!

December 15, 2021 Jonathan Burkholder

We had a great growing season this year, with rainfall amounts and frequency being nearly ideal, both during dry season and rainy season!  This season's coffee crop is looking good, and we've already been through the fields a couple times to pick the early small pickings. We can expect the crop to ripen more evenly for a good picking by the end of December, then the coffee harvest will peak in January and February before tapering off. We rebuilt one of our coffee drying greenhouses during the off-season, increasing our capacity.  

Product Availability Update

May 14, 2020 Jonathan Burkholder

We were again able to export coffee in spite of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in Honduras. It arrived at our location in PA early this week. You will notice we have made Morning Splendeur available again in our product list. We plan to begin getting another shipment together next week to ensure continued product availability.

Coffee export delays due to Covid-19 lockdowns

April 17, 2020 Jonathan Burkholder

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns in Honduras, we are experiencing delays in export paperwork. The temporarily out-of-stock products will be made available again as soon as we can get the next shipment mobilized.

Tip of the Day

March 30, 2019 Jonathan Burkholder

Like iced coffee? Don't dump the leftover coffee down the drain. I like to keep an ice cube tray or two in the freezer especially for emptying the carafe. When I want iced coffee... Add a few frozen coffee cubes to the next day's extra coffee a little bit of milk sugar a few drops of vanilla and it's ready to go!  

Processing update 2018/2019

March 05, 2019 Jonathan Burkholder

The biggest excitement of the coffee year was the installation of a coffee depulping & washing machine.

This is the first step of post-harvest processing...

Coffee pulp is a nutrient-rich organic matter...