Coffee Care Update

July 09, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

Here are a few pictures of the activity in the field the last few days. The main needs in the soil right now are Nitrogen and Potassium. 

Preparing coffee fertilizer mixApplying fertilizer to coffeeWorking the coffee plants

Your favorite coffee beans are developing.  It will be another 5 or 6 months until it is ready to be picked.Coffee bean in development Rugged Mountain coffee field

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  • sherrie aoki

    Jul 28, 2015

    Jonathon and team RuggedMountainCoffee: I recently purchased a bag of your coffee at a store outside of Columbiana, Ohio. Ground up some beans this morning and brewed in my old school percolator. All I can say is Mmmmm-that is some good joe! Heading back to kitchen for a refill. Keep up the great work-much appreciated.

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