Special export permit

November 26, 2015 Jonathan Burkholder

A couple weeks ago I requested a quote from our exporter for another shipment, only to find out that Honduran export laws had changed and we were no longer able to ship under the same status as before.  After a few weeks of investigation and paperwork, we now have an official business entity in Honduras with a possibility of expanding our exporting capabilities.  
Last week I went to IHCAFE, the Honduran Coffee Institute responsible for the coffee industry, to request the new Special Export Permit for small exports.  In the process of the paperwork, Mr Fernandez informed me that I am haciendo historia (making history) as the first person to request and obtain this new Permit!  He was still trying to figure out some of the practical details of the law.  I was able to obtain the Permit, although I may need to get one more license yet for future shipments.  While it is complicated enough, I am thankful that an option remains for small producers like us to operate a direct, traceable market for our coffee!
So on Saturday another shipment of coffee flies up on United Airlines!

Special Export Permit No. 0001

The permit number  0001 - 2015-2016

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