Honduras Among Major Coffee Exporters

July 08, 2017 Jonathan Burkholder

Honduras coffee exportsAccording to local news this week, Honduras has moved up to 5th place among the world's largest coffee exporting countries! Pretty amazing, considering that it's a country the size of the state of Pennsylvania. 

When I stopped at the Export Permits office a few days ago, the official told me that they've exported around 800 million pounds of green coffee so far. As they finish up the exports for the season, they expect to exceed 900 million pounds.

Most of Honduras' coffee is sent to Europe, with Germany at the top of the list. I forget how much Mr Fernandez told me goes to the US - maybe 20% or so? Anyway, the 1,000 lbs of roasted coffee we sent on United Cargo to Philadelphia this week is a small number in comparison.

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